Mackenzie. 27. Reader. Writer. Daughter of the King. Friend. Joyful. Creative. Deep thinker. Dreamer. Observer.

While the main focus of The Literary Lane will be, of course, books; I’d also like to make this a soft, safe place to unleash creative thoughts, dreamlike visions, and hope for the present and future.

I am a reader as well as a writer, a photographer as well as a video content creator, a social media lover as well as a social media hater, a young heart as well as an old soul, a health nut as well as a dough-nut, a night owl as well as a sunrise enthusiast, a beach bum as well as a homebody, a talker as well as a listener, and a blonde as well as a brunette HA.

I’m happy to have you visit my blog and stay around for awhile. Take encouragement, a book recommendation, a break, or a new perspective on life – whatever you come looking for on, I hope you find it.